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Pretty People

While passing through Old Town Alexandria in Virginia I decided to see what local vintage shops were near by. I spotted this cute vintage boutique called Pretty People Vintage & Modern right on the corner of N. Patrick Street. I haven’t had the best of luck in the past with vintage shops, they’ve either been overpriced or their clothes resembled clothing that I could get for a better price at a thrift store. When I walked into Pretty People and I was in absolute awe. Every wall was painted a different color and filled with clothing and artwork. There were four small rooms that had dresses, purses, hats and jewelry everywhere. I snapped a couple of photos on my iphone to show you guys what the store looked like. Pretty People was very reasonable when it came to their prices, they do carry designers like Chloe and Chanel but they also have not so high in designer clothes for good prices. Majority of the items have a tag that tells you what year your item was made which I thought was really cool.

I bought a pair of black Vagabond boots that were priced at $45 but I got them for only $29 because of the 40% off sale that they were having. I must say I love these boots and they were in such good condition that I couldn’t resist getting them. I also purchased a lace shawl that I will post in an upcoming OOTD.

Check out Pretty People Vintage on http://www.prettypeoplevintage.com/


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