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Newspaper Nails

In ode to my reclaimed fascination with DIY projects, I decided to try one just to kick off the upcoming weeks. I decided to do newspaper nails after watching some DIY nail art videos.

I choose newspaper nails because I didn’t need any fancy art brushes or a certain type of nail polish. All I needed was a light shade of nail polish, rubbing alcohol, and newspaper clippings.

The process went as follows:

1) Paint nails

2) Paint a second coat on nails

3) Let nails completely dry

4) Dip 1 finger in a small bowl of alcohol for 2-3 seconds

5) Press newspaper clipping on nail and hold the clipping on nail with light pressure for  6 seconds

6) Remove clipping

7) Repeat on the other 9 nails

The video that inspired me can be found here at Seventeen, but there’s also several YouTube videos on newspaper nails.



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One thought on “Newspaper Nails

  1. Oh wow, that’s awesome!

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