Above Standard Issue

A Downtown Binge

Yesterday I went downtown after classes in search of a new pair of pants and a shirt. I ended up coming back with three shirts, a pair of pants, and a pair of boots. While all the pieces beautifully fit in to my wardrobe I ended up spending a lot more than I had intended. However, with that being said, I don’t feel the need or want to take anything back.

While I’m not quite over my shopping guilt I do feel a sense of relief. For the first time in a week I can get on the computer and not feel the want to online window shop.

For me shopping is definitely mental and even some what of a game. It’s mental because it’s like an addiction and when I’m at school I’m left cold turkey with nothing but the internet. It’s a game because I’m always trying to get the best mixture of price and quality in my garments. When I shop I go to every store once to browse then once again to purchase my final selections after I’ve compared content across several stores.

This time consuming process probably comes from my OCD, my need to research everything, and the fact that I spend a great deal of time in thrift stores and realize how overpriced commercial retail is.

Anywho these are just some things I’ve realized about my own shopping habits as I get older and spend/budget my own money.

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