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The Golden Sense of Sabla Stays

On my blogging binges I often come across the personal blogs of fashion lovers like myself. Often times I am inspired or simply intrigued by what they’re doing. Most recently I came across the blog GoldenSense by Sabla (suh-blay) Stays a young New Yorker. Though Sabla is awaiting her high school graduation she has already built a buzz online via Fashion Bomb Daily and Black Fashion (tumblr).

With all these people looking at her I had to ask how she got here at the age of 17 and where she’s headed.

ASI: When did you start getting seriously involved in fashion?

Sabla: I was always exposed to great style because of my mother growing up but at 11 years old is when I realized I wanted to be in the fashion industry and ever since then I had my future planned out.

Who/what inspired your interest in fashion?

It’s kind of weird to say but when it first sparked in me that I wanted to be in the fashion industry was when I use to watch the Style Network religiously.

Do you know what college or university you’ll be attending in in fall?

Well… I just submitted my Parsons The New School of Design application & portfolio today so… pray for my acceptance.

What’s your long term goal with fashion?

I want to make an impact. I don’t feel like it has all been done yet on the runways and beyond and I feel I have the capability to be that new pioneer.

 What’s your perfect everyday outfit?

GOLD Jewelry, I must have bracelets on, a killer blazer, a nice solid or print collar shirt, and a pair of comfortable pants paired with some great ankle boots.

 Flats or heels?

Flats, preferably Ankle Boots

Favorite high end brand?

Cushnie Et Ochs

Favorite affordable brand?

Zara & Topshop

You call yourself a designer, what do you design? Do you have a name for the brand you’re creating?

I actually don’t have a name yet, many people think I should use my first name Sabla` (suh-blay) since it’s so different but I design clothes, I’ve been an aspiring designer since I was 11 but I’m an artist before designer more than anything.

 How does music correlate with fashion?

Figures in the music industry definitely have a major influence on fashion according to what’s in style. Designers don’t immediately go to actors & actresses to wear their garments in public, It’s the musicians they aim for. Every guy wants to dress like Kanye and every female wants to dress like Beyonce.

What are you listening to a lot right now?

A lot of Phony Ppl, Jesse Boykins III, Melo X & The Strivers Row poetry.

 If you had to describe your style how would you describe it?

Me and this question have a love/hate relationship and I probably change the answer every time but I will describe my style as comfortable, masculine but you can still tell that I’m a female, eclectic, and occasionally obnoxious. I also tie a bit of history in my style, whether it’s a vintage piece or something I borrowed from my mother.

To keep up with Sabla & follow her on her adventure to Parsons *fingers crossed* go here: http://sablagoldensense.blogspot.com/ and tell her ASI sent you.


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