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Complex Collaboration, A$AP Rocky & Jeremy Scott

I was put on to A$AP Rocky by ASI staff member Roxene earlier during the school year. Since hearing his futuristic gangster rap I’ve grown to like him quite a bit. While he is not a rapper I would recommend if you’re looking for substance or something intellectual he’s a step above a typical gangster rapper.

A$AP Rocky is a step above because his beats are trippy and futuristic sounding. Then you get to his appearance and it’s confirmed that he is quite different. He’s the type of person that you don’t exactly agree with fashion wise but you respect him because he’s out there and different without getting the vibe this is just for the publicity.

Jeremy Scott on the other hand is a fashion designer with his own brand. He’s known for his obnoxious color schemes and most recently his collaboration with Adidas. A couple months ago you may have seen his winged high top Adidas. Jeremy Scott represents a very fun side of fashion that isn’t bound by rules and coordinating color palettes.

This upcoming month A$AP Rocky and Jeremy Scott will be featured on the cover of Complex Magazine. Here’s a video from their cover shoot.

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