Above Standard Issue

Sweet Sweater Weather

Winter has become my favorite season, simply because I get to wear all my sweaters ! My brothers once called me the female version of Bill Cosby. I was not quite sure how I should take that. However, I get a lot of compliments and questions about where I purchase my sweaters all the time. Well, frankly I do not purchase them at all. I “appropriate” them from my fathers closet. Who ever knew that wayyyyy back in the day my father actually had style? ( I would never admit that to his face of course.) He purchased these sweaters in the mid 80’s and wore them up until they no longer fit. I just so happened to be putting clothes away in his closet and stumbled upon some of his old sweaters that he no longer wears. They are warm and a little oversized, but that is the way I like to wear them. Sometimes I roll up the sleeves, and other times I let them hang. It really just depends on the type of day, or what I am wearing to compliment it.

Thanks to my room mate Brianna for modeling some of my favorite sweaters !

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