Above Standard Issue

Bite the Bullet

I was very close to my grandfather and although I was young when he passed away, I remember it vividly. He fought in the war so he had the traditional military funeral with the firing of the rifles. I still have one of the bullets from that.

I was never really a huge jewelry person, but I have always wanted a bullet necklace (in remembrance of my grandfather, but also because I simply like how bullets look). When I saw the necklace above, my eyes were fixated. I was at one of my favorite thrift stores in Richmond, Rumors, and saw this as I was checking out. There was no way I was going to leave the store without it. It was $16…which, considering the circumstances, was a steal. Not only is it a bullet necklace, but it’s formed in the shape of a cross. As a Catholic, this was only a plus!

The woman who sold it to me told me that a Richmond local makes these but I had no luck when I tried looking it up. I’m going to continue searching so I can hopefully let you know and share more of this cool jewelry.

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