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Loafing On These Loafers

Ever since the Rollerball loafers by Christian Louboutin came out in 2010 I’ve been obsessed with the loafer silhouette.

Loafers give a really dynamic look to any outfit because they have the ability to be fun and sophisticated. When I say loafers are fun I mean they come in a wide variety of colors and styles. They can be suede, patent leather, canvas, and everything in between. They can have studs, spikes, accent trim, etc. The details that go into this sleek silhouette are what makes the shoe pop.

Considering the Rollerballs and other Louboutin loafers run in the $1000 range they are easily out of my range. So that meant I had to find an alternative. Instead of finding one, I found two.

The first alternative was to buy a pair of vintage loafers. About a month ago I bought a pair from the thrift store for $9.99. Although I am currently in the pinnacle of my boot season I thought they were a good investment; I intend to wear them when it warms up outside.

The second alternative was to buy some other loafers. This was my alternative plan from the beginning but it was hard trying to find any loafers that impressed me. Fortunately around the same time I bought my vintage loafers my best friend told me that Steve Madden had some really nice loafers. Immediately I looked them up and fell in love with the variety and price $119-129. I haven’t bought the SM loafers yet because I can’t decide which ones I want. However, when I do decide you all will be the first to know.

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