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Snaps & Claps to StyleLikeU Blog

Recently I discovered a blog called StyleLikeU. The format is quite open they profile fashion lovers of various professions. Each person’s page has a video interview as well as a couple photographs of them.

Here are two of my favorite interviews from the ones I’ve seen so far.

The first is Maurice Harris a Californian florist. I love how he says he’s an accessories person because I definitely fall under that same category. In the interview I love his outfit with the short sleeve shirt, light green pants, and the chunky beaded necklace. It’s really fresh, with a nice color palette. The second thing I really liked about this interview is how he talks about his use of ribbon. I love when people find a new use for something.

The second is Christian Joy a New York transplant who works as an artist and costume designer. I like her because she reminds me a lot of myself and shares a lot of my own views on fashion. The only thing I would say is she’s a lot more quirky but it definitely works for her, it even contributes to the whole artistic vibe she has. I love this interview because I think she has created a lot of dope pieces from the spray painted men’s shoes, to the jean jacket, to the pillows she had on her couch etc. I adore creative people and really enjoy being around them because there’s always a learning lesson to be had.

See more here: stylelikeu.com

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