Above Standard Issue

Multipurpose Coat

After the Christmas season is over and all the holiday decorations are put away, I finally find time to go through my boxed up clothes and find items that might not have been in style at the time or I may have saved for a later time. One of those items would be this Bold Red Coat my father got me from Shanghai, China at the boutique Even Penniless designed by Gao Xin. I’m obsessed with this coat. After the bold color with the classy black buttons, I feel in love instantly when my dad sent it to me.

A major accessory during theWinter season that I wear on a regular bases would be scarfs. I would probably wear a scarf than a coat. So with this design, I now can wear a coat that fits my style and that I can form a scarf with. You don’t have to go to Shanghai to just get this styles. A new trend of coats has started to show up here in the USA in small boutiques.

More items through my clothing slurping will be making Above Standard Issue in the future. Theres always something old that can be made new 🙂


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One thought on “Multipurpose Coat

  1. Hey Seethroughshann! Great Job, keep up the great work! KUDOS!

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