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Made for the Winter or the Desert?

Have you ever seen someone wearing this oddly designed shoe? Well, this is known as the desert boot! This boot was originally designed by the founder of Clarks footwear. However, now a days, you can get these boots almost anywhere. The price of these boots can cost you any where from 30 dollars to 250 dollars depending on quality and brand. It is a boot that is cut a little above the ankles but not too high. It is made with only two or three holes for laces. As far as I know, it is only made in two kinds of materials which are suede or leather. The desert boot also comes in a wide range of colors such as red, blue, black, brown and tan.

The desert boot is an extremely versatile footwear that can be worn either casually or formally. It can be worn with jeans, pants, dress pants and even shorts! It is warm enough to be worn in the winter and cool enough to be worn in the summer time.

I got my desert boots on sale for 30 dollars at Forever 21 in the mens section. Then I went to J. Crew to buy red shoe stings because J. Crew sells not only the desert boot but also different colors of shoe string special made for desert boots. I wear my desert boots all the time because it is the perfect compliment to any outfit and it is also very comfortable. The Picture below looks exactly like my desert boot.

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