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Success, At the Thrift Store I Hate

This past Tuesday I visited the Value Village over in Camp Springs. I’ve only been to this thrift store once or twice and previously had found it unimpressive. However, when I went this time, I found a lot of high quality clothing.

The pink sweater is a Brooks Brother. I love the fact that it’s Lambswool and the button/collar detail. It is a really high quality item that was over 90% off it’s original retail price.

The cream sweater is Liz Sport by Liz Claiborne and it happened to be brand new with the original tags still on it. It’s a true vintage piece considering the fact that Woodward & Lothrop closed its last store in 1995. I showed it to by mom and she said it was definitely an early 90s piece based on the tag and mixed yarn.

The blue pants are Anthropologie and I love their military style with cargo pockets and cinched legs.

The purse is from Nordstroms. It’s just a cute clutch for everyday adventures and formal attire too.

The boots are from Basswood and although that brand doesn’t really ring a bell I’ve been searching for them for a while. Really, I’ve been searching for duck boots and finally I’ve found them.

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2 thoughts on “Success, At the Thrift Store I Hate

  1. um, wow. you found incredible things! i have to say i never find things quite that amazing at value village. i mostly buy workout shirts there haha. props!

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