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domestic thrift

Who would have thought thrifting in your own home would be so successful? Not too many people take into consideration what they could find in their parents closet. I always played in my mother clothes and make up as a child but it wasn’t until my 9th grade year when I realized that now I could actually fit her(and the occasional shirt from my dad or older brother) clothes. Just last night out of pure boredom I decided to go on an adventure through mine and my mothers closet. here are some of my favorite items that i came across:

Pink Pants- very palazzo-ish, kinda too big but i love big. They came with a blazer but i don’t like the style of the blazer.

White Leather Pants-these beauties still have the tag on them. They were my mothers and I assume she never wore them. They are so comfy, I want to live in them.

Ralph Lauren Loafers-these are probably my favorite thing that i found just because I love shoes and i can wear them with anything.

Snapback from the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta-I dont know where this hate came from and I don’t normally wear hats but I may have to give this on a try

My Wizards Jersey I got from when the NBA AllStar game was in DC–peep the name on the back, yep that’s me. I retired in 2003 with MJ. But all jokes aside, I got that jersey when the NBA AllStar game was in DC, i begged my mom for it but didn’t even wear it. I will now though.

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One thought on “domestic thrift

  1. i totally did this with my mom’s closet this past summer. found an incredible leather purse from the 80’s that was nice and worn in. nothing better than free!

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