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The Salvation Army We Went Halfway Around Manhattan to Find

When I was in New York with Mylah we made it a mission to visit at least one thrift store. With our hotel in Times Square and subway access we were pretty much willing to go anywhere. The only problem was not too many people could tell us where a good thrift store was.

Over the course of a couple hours one location was mentioned a couple of times, the Salvation Army on 47th and 10th and 11th…After quite a bit of confusion we arrived at the three story warehouse. At the thrift store I picked up three items, two shirts, and a sweater.

The first button down shirt was made by some off-brand company named Destiny. I got the shirt because I loved the busy pattern, the earth tones, and the fact that it could be a accent piece to a lot of different outfits.

The second button down shirt was a long sleeve white and blue striped shirt by Liz Sport under Liz Claiborne. I instantly fell in love with this shirt when I saw it. I tried the shirt on and exclaimed at the way it fit so perfect.

The sweater I got is a sky blue and navy pullover by Armani Exchange. I wasn’t too sold on the sweater but it was lambswool, and happen to look really nice once I put it on.

Overall the thrift store was decent, nothing epic though. I liked that I was able to buy a few items there and I also admired the way it had collections from failed designers. It was kind of interesting to see almost full collections of these brands I never heard of. I even liked some of the things these brands had, but unfortunately since they were brand new the thrift store inflated their prices.

Another thing I liked about this Salvation Army was the fact they had a lot of Armani Exhange and Ralph Lauren. The designer content a thrift store has gives you a good idea of the people that donate their clothing to the store and what you can expect in the future.

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One thought on “The Salvation Army We Went Halfway Around Manhattan to Find

  1. sounds like the runaround was worth it! and maybe a trip back would be worth it too

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