Above Standard Issue

Platform Takeover

Platform shoes have steadily made their mark in the fashion world, especially platform sneakers. For the Prada Spring 2011 Collection the RTW Platform Sneaker made it’s debut. The platform sneaker is an Oxford shoe at the top with a woven platform followed by a multi-colored rubber heel. They come in three different colors, green, blue and orange (my favorite). I would love to own a pair of these babies but sadly they are out of my price range.


A pair of platforms that are in my price range however are the platform converse. I do not know what it is about these shoes but I get excited every time I see them, especially the white pair. I have not found them in any stores but I have come across a couple of pairs on ebay for $50-60. Another pair of platforms that have caught my eye are the creepers. These platform rubber sole shoes have been around for years but have come back into the spotlight recently. Personally I’m not sure if I am a big enough fan to buy a pair for myself but I will admit that I do like how bold the creepers are, they definitely stand out in an outfit. You can order your own pair of creepers on http://www.tukshoes.com for $67.

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