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When you look good, you feel good

Something I was told last summer randomly came to mind today and as I thought about it, I realized how much of an influence it can have on personal style. I went to take a few courses at LIM and one of the things that Michael Palladino (Director of Student Life) said, really stuck with me. He told us to let our fashion be inspired by everything around us. I remember holding on to those words as I left class. I stepped out of our building into the streets of New York, and I really felt like I had a different view on things. As I started walking, I noticed a homeless man. Yes, out of all the things on a busy New York City street, a homeless man caught my eye. I looked at his outfit: a rugged button down, heavy green wool coat, and a brown casquette branche. Although this did not directly connect with my style, in my head I automatically turned his outfit into a woman’s modernized, androgynous look. After that… it made sense.

In my opinion, part of knowing yourself, is knowing your personal style. That may be because I am a strong believer in “When you look good, you feel good.” It really changes my whole mood when I’m satisfied with my appearance. This is also why I like clothes so much; someone is able to get a sense of who you are by looking at what you chose to wear. It’s one of the greatest forms of expression.

Through an understanding of yourself and your style, you can look at the world differently and gain insights you may have never been able to see before. Opening your eyes to your surroundings really allows you to see inspiration in day to day life. People, nature, art, architecture, or whatever it may be; it makes up your environment. Through opening your eyes to these aspects of our world, or better yet, through opening your mind, you can connect with your inner creativity and relate that to your style.

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