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A Playlist for the The Weeknd

It wasn’t until a few months ago that I was introduced to The Weeknd by a friend of mine. At first I thought he was a band because of his name but I soon discovered that he was an R&B singer. I also discovered that he had already released two mixtapes entitled Thursday and House ofBalloons on his website. I quickly downloaded both mixtapes and began listening to his music…

It wasn’t long until  he became one of my favorite artist and that I knew he had to be on my playlist. The beats to his songs were very different and unique from other artist such as Chris Brown or Trey Songz. The beats and sound to his songs were much slower and darker, giving him a mysterious vibe. Finally, the beats also incorporated more than just the classic 808 drums but electric guitars, samples, pianos and multiple layers of sounds and vocals. Subject matter wise, he is very critical on the topic of sex, alcohol and drugs and delivers them in a darker manner. In my opinion his voice is amazing and exceptional.

He has been featured on several of Drake’s song including “Crew Love” on his album Take Care. The Weeknd has also recently just released a mixtape on his website entitled Echoes of Silence.

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