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The Cowl

ImageIImage My latest fashion obsession has been the cowl scarf. I love the style of the cowl because I have a tendency of wrapping my scarfs around my neck because I hate how the extra material hangs down. With the cowl you just wrap it around your neck and you’re free to go. These scarfs are GREAT accessories to any outfit, they add a splash of color, texture and warmth. I bought my first cowl at H&M for $9.95, it was gray and knitted losely with thick soft yarn. I adored it but I wanted it to have more color. I decided to go the store to find the color yarn that I wanted so I could begin to create my own scarf. I went to A.C Moore in Waldorf, MD to get my knitting needles and yarn. At A.C Moore I found this bright burnt orange color and bought two packs of it for about $13. I went straight home and got started on my scarf, after about six hours it was complete. I folded it in half because I wanted it to be chunky and then sewed the ends together. I did the same with the cream colored scarf but I made the length twice as long as the orange scarf’s. If your like me and enjoy doing DIY’s this is an awesome project to do for the winter season.


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One thought on “The Cowl

  1. I also am obsessed with cowls, and yours are very cute! I like them so much that after I saw some in the Gap that looked really easy to make, I went home and made up a super simple pattern. If you’re interested, you can find it at http://twyste.com/2011/11/30/free-and-easy-chunky-cowl-pattern/

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