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Underground King: Evan Ross

Not many people look to other inspirations for fashion when the main people getting credit for how they dress are Pharrell and Kanye. There are others out there! More specifically, there are other male icons that should be more mainstream for how the clothes they wear. I cannot control how much publicity these guys get, but to me they are the few underground kings left.

Evan Ross

He is an actor and upcoming musician. He’s best known for his co-staring role playing T.I.’s younger brother in ATL. He’s my personal favorite style icon. I doubt his baggy shirt and patterned sweaters will become a trend, but he stands out from others around him. He may not be become known for what he wears on his back, but his clothes equally match his talents.

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2 thoughts on “Underground King: Evan Ross

  1. I LOVE AND SUPPORT EVAN ROSS! and i cant wait for him to transition over to music. Plus he’s an great actor :]

  2. I love Evan Ross!!! He is very talented actor, and I think he’ll be great in music too. I think he is UNIQUE !!! And I hope that in the near future more and more people will appreciate his talent!!!

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