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A Review: Phil Ade Friday II

The latest from Phil Ade is more promising than his last yet so typical of hip-hop. Local DMV rapper Phil Ade dropped his newest mixtape, Phil Ade Friday II on December 31, 2011 just in time for the new year.

The mixtape brings great lyricism yet falls upon the same subject matter as mainstream hip-hop i.e. weed, women, money, and shoes etc. If anything Phil Ade’s delivery is what saves his second installment. With fast paced verses and a smooth eloquent delivery his tape sounds very promising and professional.

As usual from a DMV artist there is heavy emphasis on the fact that he’s from the Maryland/DC Metropolitan area. Phil Ade claims the area well and sounds like a cross between Pac Div and Wale. From a first listen the album is worth repeating but don’t expect anything to complex in regards to subject matter.

Highlights: Borrowed instrumentals: Headlines, House Party, Anti-Freeze; features from Casey Veggies and Fat Trel , delivery, lyricism, production

Downfall: Cliche subject matter, less than stellar hooks, talking at the end of Crab Cake, four minute plus shout out,

Must hear songs: Let It Shine, Still Ade, Throne Talk, Deadlines

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